Cooking Hardwood Products

Cooking Hardwood

Wood is considered humankind’s very first source of energy. Since long it was only energy source for cooking and heating purpose. In many ethnic cuisines firewood became a major factor for their unique test and flavor of the food. Today most of the professional chefs create their own taste and flavor using wide range species of firewood in their ovens. With the technology development now there are kind of cooking wood and charcoal briquettes available. Considering these factors we are keeping in our stock of firewood the major species of European hardwoods firewood, charcoal and briquettes.

Hardwood Firewood

Specially chopped for ovens (30-33 cm) hardwood, kiln dried. Species available – Horn Beam (so called Iron Wood), Oak, Beech wood and Birch. Packing available whole sale crate (1m x 1m x 2,3m), 10 kg net bags and carton box. Any other packing as your requirement.

Hardwood Charcoal

Special restaurant grade fraction. Mixed of Oak and Horn Beam (Iron wood). Packed in 10kg three layer paper bags for dust free storage.

Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes

High density, long lasting, smoke and spark less. Free of any additives. All characteristics of natural charcoal.

Hardwood cooking briquettes

High density, long lasting, less smoke and spark than firewood. Free of any additives. All characteristics of natural fire wood.

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