About Us

Welcome to WOODENERGYUAE.COM. This website is presented by RJ Business Hub FZE as a part of its timber merchants trading business. Having a long experience in forest harvesting, sawmilling and wood processing fields with our sister concerns; RJ Business Hub FZE started its sales and marketing of wood energy products in U.A.E. from January 2010. Today we are offering to U.A.E. and G.C.C. market with the biggest range of high quality wood energy products from our local stocks.

We are committed to offer quality products and service to our customers. The range of our wood energy products includes and not limited to: Cooking wood energy – We do supply species of oven firewoods, hardwood charcoal, hardwood charcoal briquettes, wooden briquettes and camp firewoods. Industrial wood energy – We do supply fire wood, pellets and sawdust briquettes for boilers and other industrial needs, charcoals for water filtration, activation and metal industries and special wood chips for fish and meat smoking industry.


Wood is considered humankind’s very first source of energy. Since long it was only energy source for cooking and heating purpose.

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Wood as energy source and as other substance widely use in industries.

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